A progressive groove-metal band from Toronto, ON.



Formed in early 2016, Behaviour is a heavily progressive groove-metal band, blending a wealth of influences, textures and styles to make something that is equal parts heavy, catchy and unique.

Comprised of vocalist Mike Cutway, guitarists Evan Holly and Gabor Petho, and drummer Corey Bernard, they are in the midst of working on a full-length album set to be out in early 2020.

“I think what really helps set us apart, and what keeps our music interesting, is that each one of us tends to listen to very different things. We are four very distinctly different people, with wildly different mindsets and tastes, and it creates a very interesting product when it all melds together.” - Evan

Drawing from a variety of influences, each member brings a unique style and atmosphere to the band, ensuring that nothing ever feels stale or bland. Another key element to Behaviour’s unique sound and approach is their strong sense of independency.

“All of our songs are written, recorded and mixed by ourselves; we do everything in-house, so we have complete control over every aspect of our music. We all tend to record ourselves or each other, and Corey handles all of the master editing and mixing, while overseeing the tracking process." - Gabor
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